Jan. 2nd, 2014

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Day 2

In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them.

SPN Artist Swap: This LJ comm was a fun place to play with some other artists in the SPN fandom. I love the premise, which is that each artist submits a rough sketch, that is then assigned to another player in the round. That artist then creates something based on that rough sketch. Working off of someone else's idea is definitely a challenge, but it was a good way to stretch myself.

31_days: This LJ comm provides a list of various prompts - things like idioms, quotes, snippets of poetry or lyrics etc. - with a different prompt for each day of the month. The comm is still active, though not as active as it once was. It's a fun place to read fic in unexpected fandoms, and it's a great place to go find a prompt to get the juices flowing again. Prompt lists are posted a few days before the beginning of each month.

Diane Duane's Tumblr: Not only does Duane post about her own writing, she is also an unabashed and enthusiastic fangirl. Sherlock is a huge favorite, as is Star Trek (fittingly enough, as she's written some of the best ST novels out there).


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