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After six weeks of massive disruption and dust unlike anything I have ever endured before, my new bedroom is complete! The previous batch of pictures showing the early stages can be found here

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Renovation on the house started this Tuesday, and R is already making an incredible amount of progress. As a quick recap, I am having two small bedrooms on the first floor of my house combined into one larger bedroom that will have a closet that is larger than a refrigerator.

The first couple of days, the dust was HORRIBLE, what with a lot of plaster being knocked down. Fortunately, things have progressed to where the work area can actually be sealed off, so I am no longer thinking of relocating to my mom's place.

Oddly enough, the cat seems to be happy as a clam at high tide. The furniture that has been moved out of those rooms has given him all sorts of new perches, and he loves the contractors. Apparently, he sneaks into the room where they are working and 'supervises.' The noise and so on doesn't bother him, but given that the cat is more curious about the vacuum than frightened by it, it's not too big of a surprise.

Now, on to the pictures:

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The pervasive brain fog from the past couple of weeks has lifted noticeably, and yesterday I was not only able to get a huge chunk of work done on my Big Bang, I was also able to sit down and read for a good length of time. Not being able to concentrate on anything longer than an essay or short short story was frustrating as hell, especially as the recent fog hit me about 2/3 of the way through the most excellent Rivers of London.

Again, thank you so much for the book, [personal profile] incandescens! I'm just sorry it's taken me this long to finish it. To those of you on my flist who have not heard of this book, I highly, highly recommend it. I'll have a more detailed post once I finish it. What I will say is that it's a wonderfully snarky police procedural that, while having a supernatural bent, is firmly grounded in mundane, everyday life. For me, that combination is like catnip.

Also, the SPNJ2BB mods were kind enough to grant me a one week extension on my Big Bang, so I could finish up the edits and get this beast coded and ready to post. Yesterday, after I fleshed out a couple of key scenes, the story officially crossed the 100K mark. Erk. I'm not sure if I'm proud or horrified. I'm also a little nervous about how it will be received, because the whole thing is firmly in John's point of view, and I know that fandom tends to have, well... strong opinions on the subject of Sir. Anyhow, the beast goes up August 2. Eee!

Weatherwise, we should be getting a break in the heat tomorrow, when we're expecting a high of 93 degrees. And yes, that counts as a break in the heat. The cat, of course, loves this weather and wants to be a snugglebug. The good news is that the plants I was worried about seem to be pulling through okay. The weeds are still thriving, but it's too damned hot/humid for me to go out and deal with them. I've got that on the docket for next weekend, or perhaps during the week next week if the weather cooperates. If I work in half-hour increments, I could probably get the worst of it done before the weekend even gets here.

Speaking of weeds, I have a few 'volunteer' redbuds from my tree that have set up in the mulched area around the A/C. There is also what appears to be a holly in my side garden. Given that Mama Redbud is looking kind of scraggy after some branches had to be removed to get them away from the power lines (the people who planted it years back fucked up the early pruning, so she has the proportions of a lollipop), I'm going to move the healthiest looking volunteers to safer locations and nurture them along as potential replacements for their parent. I'll also see if I can coax the holly into domestication.

Off to do a grocery run before the weather gets too vile.


Sep. 18th, 2010 01:06 pm
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I went to my town's annual festival today before meeting my dad for lunch at the our favorite Mexican restaurant. Much fun, if rather full of craft booths that started to look distressingly the same after a while (lots of lots of country cute, and many scented candles). I did, however, pick up a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Scrabble tile bracelet. I also visited the folklife part of the festival--spinners, weavers, blacksmiths, and a number of Civil War re-enactors (which included, for some reason, a Napoleonic-era Scots regiment--all righty, then). I was rather excited to find a booth that had fried pies. I got an apple one, but after a few bites, I found a trash bin and discreetly tipped it in. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't worth the uncomfortableness eating the whole thing would cause later, either.

The big haul--and the main reason I walked over to the festival--was the Iris Society sale. I picked up a few more to go with the others I planted a few weeks back. I got:

  • Country Dance - rosy pink that goes to lilac towards the center and golden yellow at the edges.

  • Mistress of Camelot - pale, pale lavender with gold edges.

  • Rio - Peach top petals, pinkish purple lower petals

  • Rock Star - Kinda like Rio, but inverted, and with purple edges on the lower petals.

  • Mystery rhizome. No idea what that will come up as.

  • Clearly, I like iris that shade to the pinker kinds of purple and mix in some golds. They'll go into the ground tomorrow. Right now, I've got sprinklers going like mad as the yard was aerated and seeded yesterday. Also, planting means cutting away the #)%&#$* weed mat the previous owners put in and amending the soil with some compost and sphagnum (for drainage). I will also need to extract the azalea that perished in this summer's heat. I don't know what I'll put in its place, but it won't be another azalea (not sure what Former Owner was thinking, putting azaleas in full sun that is bordered by pavement).

    Today is Clean All the Things (Edit - revised to Take an Unexpected Two Hour Nap followed by deciding that Things Are Clean Enough, Damn It) and maybe make a big pot of split pea and ham soup to portion out into freezer containers. Right now, there are soup bones a-plenty at Honeybaked Ham, so I have three meaty hambones in my freezer. Once the weather turns cold and people start thinking of soup, they're harder to come by, and they'll start limiting to one to a customer. Three bones should get me through the winter. Writing and/or knitting will also happen.

    Tomorrow will be a few hours of yardwork followed by resting and writing.
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    Today's theme has been 'Clean All The Things,' and barring laundry (still running) things are now as clean as they need to be for my physical/mental comfort. I've had the windows open and the attic fan running, so the place has aired out nicely, and I actually cleaned out the TV/craft cabinet, which is now simply the TV cabinet. All the craft stuff is sitting in bags in my study, so I can sort through it and figure out just how many half-done projects I have sitting around. There are a couple of kits I picked up here and there that I completely forgot I had, and enough sock yarn to knit a slipcover for my sofa. Methinks I may have a bit of a yarn addiction.

    In other news, it's glorious out today, and I've done my farmer's market run (goat cheese, eggs, Roma tomatoes, sweet peppers, and some of the first apples of the season), and taken another walk besides. I'll also walk to the gym, using that as my warmup/cooldown. Earlier I splurged and picked up a wood-oven pizza to nosh on after I've worked out. I'll reheat that bad boy in a skillet with a little added olive oil, Parm-Reg, and red pepper. There's also half a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge with my name on it.

    Tonight, I may very well do a post about some thoughts I'd had re. conventional wisdom regarding exercising with fibromyalgia and what my own experiences have been.

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