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While the word count this year was certainly impressive (probably more than 150K), the number of actual stories was fairly small, even including snippets and drabbles.

1. Detour on Brick Lane (Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman) was my Yuletide story for the year. I picked it up as a pinch hit late in the game, and was madly editing right up until an hour before the reveal. Oddly enough, it's the second year in a row I've picked up this fandom for a YT pinch hit, but this story ended up being quite different from the other one despite also being about the search for Ingress.

2. Apocrypha is the fic that pretty much defined the year for me.

This was my SPN big bang entry for 2011, and it proved to me that I could plot a novel-length story, keep it cohesive and character-focused, and still finish it. Also, I honestly think it's one of the best things I've ever written. I'll admit I was crushed that despite my best efforts it only found a tiny audience (maybe AO3 eats comments?). Still, the feedback I did receive left me giddy and feeling confident I'd done what I'd set out to do.

Basically, I wanted to take a look at S1 in light of what we learned about Lilith, Lucifer, angels and so forth in Seasons 4 and following. This applies not only to the plans for Sam (and Dean), but the story of John and Mary Winchester. John and Mary are very much my SPN OTP, and while the story technically qualifies as gen, their love story is very much the backbone of the piece. And yes, I do deal with what we learned in "My Bloody Valentine" and "Dark Side of the Moon."

In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, I will go ahead and say flat out that if this story sounds like it might be of any interest, I would be absolutely over the moon if you made time this year to read and comment.

3. Last Rites was done for [community profile] spn_reversebang, based on a wonderful drawing by [profile] serenada_art that featured Castiel, Kali and Death all sitting around a table. Kali and Death each had a glass of wine, but Castiel was just sitting there without a drink, looking all Castiel-awkward (as he does). Something in my mind went hmmm... The S7 made me go hmmm... some more. In summary, it's an episode tag from Castiel's point of view, post-Leviathan.

4. Who Do You Think You're Fooling? was actually written for [profile] springkink a long while back, but I fleshed it out and refined it early this year. It's my first foray into non-anime femmeslash (Anna/Ruby), but I'm fairly certain it won't be my last.

5. Little stuff: I also wrote some ficlets for the Three Sentence Fic Meme. Two SPN pieces (including a DW crossover), and some Narnia and American Gods. I also wrote an Edmund-centric drabble for [community profile] narniaexchange (and remain mildly befuddled as to why 'smoking' was such a popular prompt).

Last, but certainly not least are two fics that are going to continue well into 2012.

6. The Bleach AU co-write that [personal profile] incandescens and [personal profile] liralen have been working on for nearly two years: Winter War. My contribution to the project was curtailed a somewhat this year thanks to the SPN Big Bang, alas. Still, I've enjoyed working on this project, and I think it has done a lot to help me grow as a writer.

7. I Shall Roam the Summer Fields is also a Bleach AU that diverges from canon around the same point Winter War does, but it not ony goes in a different direction, it skips over ten years--a period of time that can seem very, very different to the human characters with their threescore and ten as it does to shinigami who can live a thousand years or more. I only posted a few chapters this year, but I do intend to return to it in 2012.


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