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Yes, I wound up writing Neverwhere again for Yuletide, but it's a fun fandom to write for, so I have no regrets.

In this one, I play a bit with Marquis backstory, ditto for Hunter, and have the crew run afoul of the Oxford Circus and its mysterious Ringmistress.

The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning (19634 words) by Sophia_Prester
Chapters: 5/5
Fandom: Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Richard Mayhew, Marquis de Carabas (Neverwhere), Door (Neverwhere), Hunter (Neverwhere), Serpentine (Neverwhere)

Some stories have many beginnings and many endings, and it can difficult to tell one from the other.

What can be said is that in the middle of this particular story, Door learns that finding her sister is not the same thing as getting her back, Richard struggles to come to terms with his new calling, and the Marquis may have forgotten something very important.


Aug. 5th, 2012 11:41 am
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I've started posting the Sherlock/Lie to Me crossover I've been working on for a few months, now. The first two chapters (villain setup and establishing how things have fallen out post-Reichenbach) are up, and I'm most of the way through writing a confrontation between Cal Lightman and Mycroft Holmes. If you'd care to check it out (I can't tell you how happy feedback would make me), you can find it here:

The Measure of Goodness

It's also on my fic journal, starting here.

Here's the summary:

Moriarty was a diabolically elegant puzzle, but Sebastian Moran is a maddening and contradictory enigma. Not even Mycroft Holmes has any idea of who Moran really is or what he truly wants—or just how far he will go to carry out Moriarty’s final orders.

Then, during the investigation of a bizarre and brutal murder, Sherlock crosses paths with another unconventional genius who may be able to help him get to the truth about Moran. Unfortunately, Cal Lightman also holds the key to another truth, and for once in his life Sherlock Holmes finds there are some things he would give anything not to know.
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While the word count this year was certainly impressive (probably more than 150K), the number of actual stories was fairly small, even including snippets and drabbles.

1. Detour on Brick Lane (Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman) was my Yuletide story for the year. I picked it up as a pinch hit late in the game, and was madly editing right up until an hour before the reveal. Oddly enough, it's the second year in a row I've picked up this fandom for a YT pinch hit, but this story ended up being quite different from the other one despite also being about the search for Ingress.

2. Apocrypha is the fic that pretty much defined the year for me.

This was my SPN big bang entry for 2011, and it proved to me that I could plot a novel-length story, keep it cohesive and character-focused, and still finish it. Also, I honestly think it's one of the best things I've ever written. I'll admit I was crushed that despite my best efforts it only found a tiny audience (maybe AO3 eats comments?). Still, the feedback I did receive left me giddy and feeling confident I'd done what I'd set out to do.

Basically, I wanted to take a look at S1 in light of what we learned about Lilith, Lucifer, angels and so forth in Seasons 4 and following. This applies not only to the plans for Sam (and Dean), but the story of John and Mary Winchester. John and Mary are very much my SPN OTP, and while the story technically qualifies as gen, their love story is very much the backbone of the piece. And yes, I do deal with what we learned in "My Bloody Valentine" and "Dark Side of the Moon."

In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, I will go ahead and say flat out that if this story sounds like it might be of any interest, I would be absolutely over the moon if you made time this year to read and comment.

3. Last Rites was done for [community profile] spn_reversebang, based on a wonderful drawing by [profile] serenada_art that featured Castiel, Kali and Death all sitting around a table. Kali and Death each had a glass of wine, but Castiel was just sitting there without a drink, looking all Castiel-awkward (as he does). Something in my mind went hmmm... The S7 made me go hmmm... some more. In summary, it's an episode tag from Castiel's point of view, post-Leviathan.

4. Who Do You Think You're Fooling? was actually written for [profile] springkink a long while back, but I fleshed it out and refined it early this year. It's my first foray into non-anime femmeslash (Anna/Ruby), but I'm fairly certain it won't be my last.

5. Little stuff: I also wrote some ficlets for the Three Sentence Fic Meme. Two SPN pieces (including a DW crossover), and some Narnia and American Gods. I also wrote an Edmund-centric drabble for [community profile] narniaexchange (and remain mildly befuddled as to why 'smoking' was such a popular prompt).

Last, but certainly not least are two fics that are going to continue well into 2012.

6. The Bleach AU co-write that [personal profile] incandescens and [personal profile] liralen have been working on for nearly two years: Winter War. My contribution to the project was curtailed a somewhat this year thanks to the SPN Big Bang, alas. Still, I've enjoyed working on this project, and I think it has done a lot to help me grow as a writer.

7. I Shall Roam the Summer Fields is also a Bleach AU that diverges from canon around the same point Winter War does, but it not ony goes in a different direction, it skips over ten years--a period of time that can seem very, very different to the human characters with their threescore and ten as it does to shinigami who can live a thousand years or more. I only posted a few chapters this year, but I do intend to return to it in 2012.
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Three Sentence Fic Meme

There is a lot of good stuff in here, including quite a few Narnia ficlets. I also decided it would be fun to play in this format, given that most of my writing tends to run super-long these days.

I came up with these two:

Doctor Who/Supernatural, Rory and Death, we've met too many times )

SPN, Dean and Castiel, role reversal )

I may dive back into the prompts a little later today. Also, I still need to think of a title for the @(#$& reversebang story...
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When considering what is or isn't canon when reading or writing a fic, what do people think of the various 'extras' that are available for a number of series these days?

For example, there's the issue of the various Doctor Who books and audio plays. For Supernatural, there's the comic series and the facsimile (or whatever it is) of John's journal. Buffy and Firefly have comic books that are meant to continue the series or fill in gaps. A number of anime series have audio plays or data books that provide additional backstory and/or character traits. For Sherlock, there's John Watson's blog and "The Science of Deduction."

Does it bug you when a writer contradicts one of these sources? Or do you consider the sources to be a sort of apocrypha or grey canon to be used or ignored at will? Does it vary depending on the fandom or the source?

The reason I ask is that another writer in a fic fest I'm participating in is asking for more details on one of these sources with the aim of incorporating them into their story. I'm working on a story focusing on the same character, but am not drawing from any backstory that wasn't presented directly in the source material. In fact, I am directly contradicting a fairly major piece of that extra-canonical information.

Me, I think both are valid approaches and a total case of YMMV, but I do get annoyed when someone corrects me on a detail I only would have known if I had a bootlegged copy of a CD that came out in 1995. There have also been times when a snippet from one of these sources has jump-started a plot bunny or two.

I was wondering if other people in fandom have strong opinions either way about these 'extras' and how they fit into the creation of fanworks. What's your take on these things?
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All week last week I kept forgetting I had a three-day weekend coming up. That makes tomorrow seem extra-specially lovely.

I spent a good portion of this afternoon lazing about, but for good reason. After a week and a half off of working out to allow shoulder muscles to heal, I went back to the gym. I started a new routine by the same people who designed the New Rules of Lifting for Women. They've refined things and pushed some focus to more core work. OMG. 40 minutes, and I could barely walk out of the gym. I had to sit on the bench outside the Y (in the 30 degree weather) for about 2 minutes because it felt that good. The good news is, I don't feel the bad kind of sore. It was just that the routine tested my endurance big time--rather than ending with planks, it started with them. Planks are hard enough, but when you've worn out those muscles as it is, pushups and inverted rows just become that much harder. Whoof. OTOH, while I'm nicely tired, I'm also in a very good mood. As long as I don't overdo, the exercise does a lot to keep me pain-and-fatigue free and on an even keel emotionally. FYI, the kind of tired I'm feeling now is incredibly different from the kind of fatigue I get with a fibro flareup. The best way to describe it is that this kind of tired is to fatigue as a faint, pleasant melancholy is to depression.

Fic-wise, I've managed to get chapter nine of Summer Fields posted. I've also sent my latest chunk of the Winter War co-write off to my co-writers for feedback. I've also made some inroads on my entry for the [profile] spn_j2_bigbang, enough that I think I may actually finish this time.

Also, thanks to [personal profile] riani1, I have discovered the webcomic Scandinavia and the World. So very, very wrong. So very, very funny. I'm hooked.

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