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I really need to import some more of my gardeny icons over to DW. After a miserable, wearying winter, we're finally getting an extended run of truly spring-like weather. Cool, but not chilly, and plenty warm in the sun if you're being active. I'm also starting to see some early growth here and there and some greening-up in various grasses and hedges. Even the sunrises seem more colorful of late, like an early bloom. There is a lot more birdsong these days as well. True, there's a good chance we could get some winter weather in the near future, but the changing light is definitely signaling a change in the plantlife and birdlife. I'm starting to get the itch to plant, but it is a little too early unless I decide to start some seeds indoors. Soon, I'll be taking weekend walks at the Missouri Botanical Gardens and watching as the season truly starts to emerge. It's a wonderful time of year, and my thoughts are full of green, growing things. Still, it's February, and while it's too early to plant, I can still start gardening.

In short, it is time to go into the garden with some sharp objects and commit MAYHEM!

The liriope has been given a severe buzzcut, and the yews are about to have a close encounter with Mr. Hedge Shears. The spirea need to be lopped back hard and thinned out before they start putting out new growth, as do the barberries and the euonymous. As a bonus, the ground is soft, but not mucky, and I can see where the edges of the planting beds should be. I have two bundles of yard waste bags, and I plan to use them ALL.


I love gardening.


Sep. 18th, 2010 01:06 pm
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I went to my town's annual festival today before meeting my dad for lunch at the our favorite Mexican restaurant. Much fun, if rather full of craft booths that started to look distressingly the same after a while (lots of lots of country cute, and many scented candles). I did, however, pick up a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed Scrabble tile bracelet. I also visited the folklife part of the festival--spinners, weavers, blacksmiths, and a number of Civil War re-enactors (which included, for some reason, a Napoleonic-era Scots regiment--all righty, then). I was rather excited to find a booth that had fried pies. I got an apple one, but after a few bites, I found a trash bin and discreetly tipped it in. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't worth the uncomfortableness eating the whole thing would cause later, either.

The big haul--and the main reason I walked over to the festival--was the Iris Society sale. I picked up a few more to go with the others I planted a few weeks back. I got:

  • Country Dance - rosy pink that goes to lilac towards the center and golden yellow at the edges.

  • Mistress of Camelot - pale, pale lavender with gold edges.

  • Rio - Peach top petals, pinkish purple lower petals

  • Rock Star - Kinda like Rio, but inverted, and with purple edges on the lower petals.

  • Mystery rhizome. No idea what that will come up as.

  • Clearly, I like iris that shade to the pinker kinds of purple and mix in some golds. They'll go into the ground tomorrow. Right now, I've got sprinklers going like mad as the yard was aerated and seeded yesterday. Also, planting means cutting away the #)%&#$* weed mat the previous owners put in and amending the soil with some compost and sphagnum (for drainage). I will also need to extract the azalea that perished in this summer's heat. I don't know what I'll put in its place, but it won't be another azalea (not sure what Former Owner was thinking, putting azaleas in full sun that is bordered by pavement).

    Today is Clean All the Things (Edit - revised to Take an Unexpected Two Hour Nap followed by deciding that Things Are Clean Enough, Damn It) and maybe make a big pot of split pea and ham soup to portion out into freezer containers. Right now, there are soup bones a-plenty at Honeybaked Ham, so I have three meaty hambones in my freezer. Once the weather turns cold and people start thinking of soup, they're harder to come by, and they'll start limiting to one to a customer. Three bones should get me through the winter. Writing and/or knitting will also happen.

    Tomorrow will be a few hours of yardwork followed by resting and writing.


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