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I'm still on something of a roll with the art, these days, especially having been inspired by a friend's Hunger Games WIP. It's been fun to get back into things, although I'm still a bit rusty in some areas.

I've also been playing with the Sketch Club app on the iPad, which is fun, but I find that for me a lot of the process of drawing is very tactile - the scrape of the pen or pencil against the paper, or even the feel of the paper itself. Also, there's something about the sound of it that I find to be an important part of the process. Aside from the fact that fine motor control is difficult with the touch screen, I don't find drawing on it nearly as satisfying as working on paper. That said, I think that its real value will come from importing inked sketches so I can color the damned things.

Anyhoo... behind the cut is a pencil sketch of Primrose Everdeen, done from a movie still. It's technically not finished, but I'm happy with it as-is. The only thing I'd do more of is work on the detail of her blouse, but that would be more for the technical side of things than the aesthetic. Besides, I drew this on the cheapo sketch pad. If I draw her again, I'll use this as a prototype and work her up on the bristol board.

Prim at the Reaping )

Next up, I think I'm gonna draw a Winchester (or two).
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First of all, before I dig into MY NEW FAVORITE MOVIE, I want to toss this one little crossover/fusiony plot bunny out there that was put into my mind by the latest episode.

A Hunger Games/Sherlock fusion. Why?

A snapshot of how my brain works--cut for Sherlock spoilers )

I did rather like this week's episode of Sherlock. I was really wondering just how the hell that particular story would be updated for present day, and I thought it was an interesting take. Cut for spoilers and some theorizing about next week's episode. )

I also recently saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and I seriously cannot contain my flailing. It was a gutting, brilliantly told story, and every single role in it was perfectly cast and perfectly acted. It's one of those movies that still has me thinking days after seeing it.

Cut for spoilers )

I also have some new Sherlock headcanon thanks to the movie (and its felicitous casting). Again, cut for spoilers )

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