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Here is my response for 12/1 for this meme. The prompt is from [personal profile] aishuu, who asked me about three things I refuse to do again.

Thing one: Ride a horse. I used to take riding lessons a lot when I was younger, and was pushed into doing more and more as my parents got more and more into riding. I suppose I could have said "no more," or "can we slow this down a bit," but what child is going to say "no" to riding a horse? Well, after being stepped on, kicked, scraped off, nearly rolled over on and run away with, I was done. I adore horses, but have no desire to be on the back of one ever again. FYI, Sam's horse-related trauma in Fightin' Words is largely based upon my own experience. As they say, write what you know...

Thing two: Go skiiing. I love being active, don't get me wrong. What I don't love is being cold. Or cold and wet. Or cold and wet and bruised. Or cold and wet and bruised and having a knee that bends in a fun new direction. What I also don't love (see above, re. horses) is being physically out of control when it comes to high speed/change in altitude. I LOVE roller coasters, but part of that is that their speed and plummetting is pre-determined. Skiiing, not so much. Add the cold factor into that, and you've got sure-fire recipe for things I don't long.

Thing three: Go camping. The way I look at it, our ancestors spent tens of thousands of years so we could sleep away from cold, damp, insects, and the hard, hard ground. I choose not to dishonor their sacrifice.

Seriously, though, I used to enjoy camping to a degree, and I have no trouble getting comfortable in a day camp or roughing it in a cabin or similar. I also don't mind getting absolutely filthy doing something outdoorsy. But at my age, I like my creature comforts when day is done. I don't need luxury, but I like being dry, I like being warm, and I like my back not feeling like someone tried to play Jenga with my vertebrae.


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