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This week is an off week from gym stuff so I can let the joints, connective tissue, etc. have time to recover after what I've been putting them through. Also, the next phase of this workout plan looks like it will be pretty intense, so I'll need to go into it fresh. The goal of this stage is to get me to where I can do an unassisted pullup. We'll see...

Job stuff--more of the same, but with signs of improvement. )

Yesterday, I was able to dig into the original fiction project that's been circling around in my head for a few years now. For some reason, the main character's voice finally gelled in my head and I was able to get the opening scene out of my head and into words.

One thing I need to be careful about is psyching myself out at this point with thoughts about the number of characters who are clamoring to be p.o.v. characters, and the ages of those characters. Some of them are in their early teens, others are in their late 30s/early 40s. It's an odd mix, that's for certain.
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At the moment, I am lounging in a freshly made bed, eating mullu murruku and having a glass of Reisling (the perfect wine for spicy snacks). I am quite content.

This is one of those weekends where I'm kind of wondering where the hell the time went, but that's not a bad thing. Yesterday, I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that, including lounging around, weeding, doing laundry, running errands and hitting the gym for the first time since my bout of stomach flu.

(Speaking of the gym, I'm now doing chest presses with two 25 lb dumbbells. Woot.)

Last week was a bit hectic, what with the aforementioned stomach bug and being sans computer for a few days. Plus, work is busy as ever--next week will likely be another run of 10 and 11 hour days. Hectic, but not bad, and I finagled a way to work at another campus closer to home on Friday. I did go into work a bit today, and it was actually rather nice. For all that it chews up and spits out my time, I do like my job. And the good news is, they're looking at increasing head count in my department next year, and my team leader and I are actively working on defining and streamlining my job description.

Today was another quiet day. Before heading into work, I mostly worked on fic (spn_summergen) and re-watched the SPN season finale in the e-company of a friend who had not yet watched it. I liked it much better on re-watch, oddly enough. I think that not having the suspense pushing me through the plot line gave me more time to think about things as they happened. Also, it's fun watching in the company of someone who isn't involved in online fandom. What's really funny is that she started out disliking Dean intensely (thought he was a jerk) and is now openly lusting after him. Sam, she wants to feed soup and wrap up in a blankie. Given that said friend is 5'2", this is an amusing mental image.

Fic-wise, I'm feeling rather accomplished. Another section of Winter War will be going up this week, and I'm now at 5,000 words on my spn_summergen story. I'm at 20,000 words on the Bleach Fic That Ate My Brain, at the moment. I haven't worked on it in about a week, but that's only because I need to get the summergen story done and I wanted to get the Winter War chapter done. It's been a while since I've had a story get at me like this, and I hope that what ends up on the page can convey what's dancing around my brain.
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You know what? Screw going into work today. With the long hours and multilple Saturdays spent in the office, I worked myself straight into a nasty flareup that pretty much flattened me for two days. I still went into work, but wasn't exactly productive. The mental fog and fatigue weren't as bad as they have been in the past, but the aches were distracting in the extreme (it felt like two days after falling down a flight of stairs, if that makes any sense). Fortunately, I bounced back fairly quickly (and with a pleasant, if weird upsurge in energy).

I hope to break myself out of the do-do-do-go-go-go!!! mindset this weekend. There are things I need to get done this weekend, but I don't want that to turn in to the sort of frenzy that will drain me to the point where I can't do the things I would really like to do this weekend (write, read, knit, squee over Doctor Who). I also want to break free from feeling so obligated by what's at work that I'm dreading rather than looking forward to my vacation in July.

Takes deep breath...

Okay. I'm going to go run the few errands that absolutely need to be run today, pay my bills, and balance my checkbook. I will go to the gym. After that, screw being productive.
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And, since I have time, I'll make something like a proper entry.

Nothing strikingly new and exciting is going on in my life, but it seems like my job at work is settling more into something that feels more like a directed career path. Also, things feel less stressy even though I'm going to be in the land of 50 hour work-weeks for a while.

Started Pilates classes last night at the Y. I signed up because a) someone I knew was taking the classes and b) it seemed like a good complement to the weight lifting what with the body awareness, and the building of flexibility, balance, and core strength (PSA: Pilates does not give you 'long, lean, dancer's muscles.' That's a load of marketing crap). I had a good time at class. The abs work was tough in much different way that my usual weighted crunches, but what really killed was the hip work. My hip flexors tend to scrunch up like whoa, but this may well fix it--if it doesn't kill me first. I was pleased at how much I could do. I don't think I could have done some of the excercises this time last year. The biggest challenge for me are the excercises where you have to do one thing with your legs and something different with your legs--I get the whole "can't walk and chew gum at the same time" thing going on.

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