Aug. 5th, 2012 11:41 am
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I've started posting the Sherlock/Lie to Me crossover I've been working on for a few months, now. The first two chapters (villain setup and establishing how things have fallen out post-Reichenbach) are up, and I'm most of the way through writing a confrontation between Cal Lightman and Mycroft Holmes. If you'd care to check it out (I can't tell you how happy feedback would make me), you can find it here:

The Measure of Goodness

It's also on my fic journal, starting here.

Here's the summary:

Moriarty was a diabolically elegant puzzle, but Sebastian Moran is a maddening and contradictory enigma. Not even Mycroft Holmes has any idea of who Moran really is or what he truly wants—or just how far he will go to carry out Moriarty’s final orders.

Then, during the investigation of a bizarre and brutal murder, Sherlock crosses paths with another unconventional genius who may be able to help him get to the truth about Moran. Unfortunately, Cal Lightman also holds the key to another truth, and for once in his life Sherlock Holmes finds there are some things he would give anything not to know.
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I am looking forward to tomorrow's episode of Sherlock.

At the same time, I am dreading it more than I have ever dreaded the season finale of any TV series ever. EVER.

Just speculation, but putting behind a cut tag all the same. )
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First of all, before I dig into MY NEW FAVORITE MOVIE, I want to toss this one little crossover/fusiony plot bunny out there that was put into my mind by the latest episode.

A Hunger Games/Sherlock fusion. Why?

A snapshot of how my brain works--cut for Sherlock spoilers )

I did rather like this week's episode of Sherlock. I was really wondering just how the hell that particular story would be updated for present day, and I thought it was an interesting take. Cut for spoilers and some theorizing about next week's episode. )

I also recently saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, and I seriously cannot contain my flailing. It was a gutting, brilliantly told story, and every single role in it was perfectly cast and perfectly acted. It's one of those movies that still has me thinking days after seeing it.

Cut for spoilers )

I also have some new Sherlock headcanon thanks to the movie (and its felicitous casting). Again, cut for spoilers )
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And by random, I mean random. I may or may not have a longer post about Ms Adler later on, but most of what I would have to say would echo this.

Anyhow, randomness ahoy...

Cut for spoilers - things I loved, things I didn't love, cracktastic headcanon, and shippy stuff )
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I've compiled my responses to the "5 True Things about Fictional Character X" meme from both DW and LJ. I received an interesting array of requests--lots of minor characters, including some fascinating ones who aren't always popular with fandom (I sometimes feel like one of the few people who likes Sally Donovan).

Avatar: Iroh, Mai, Toph )

Bleach: Tousen )

Discworld: Angua, The Luggage )

Firefly: Kaylee, YoSaffBridge )

Sherlock: John, Sally )

Supernatural: Bela )

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