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All week last week I kept forgetting I had a three-day weekend coming up. That makes tomorrow seem extra-specially lovely.

I spent a good portion of this afternoon lazing about, but for good reason. After a week and a half off of working out to allow shoulder muscles to heal, I went back to the gym. I started a new routine by the same people who designed the New Rules of Lifting for Women. They've refined things and pushed some focus to more core work. OMG. 40 minutes, and I could barely walk out of the gym. I had to sit on the bench outside the Y (in the 30 degree weather) for about 2 minutes because it felt that good. The good news is, I don't feel the bad kind of sore. It was just that the routine tested my endurance big time--rather than ending with planks, it started with them. Planks are hard enough, but when you've worn out those muscles as it is, pushups and inverted rows just become that much harder. Whoof. OTOH, while I'm nicely tired, I'm also in a very good mood. As long as I don't overdo, the exercise does a lot to keep me pain-and-fatigue free and on an even keel emotionally. FYI, the kind of tired I'm feeling now is incredibly different from the kind of fatigue I get with a fibro flareup. The best way to describe it is that this kind of tired is to fatigue as a faint, pleasant melancholy is to depression.

Fic-wise, I've managed to get chapter nine of Summer Fields posted. I've also sent my latest chunk of the Winter War co-write off to my co-writers for feedback. I've also made some inroads on my entry for the [profile] spn_j2_bigbang, enough that I think I may actually finish this time.

Also, thanks to [personal profile] riani1, I have discovered the webcomic Scandinavia and the World. So very, very wrong. So very, very funny. I'm hooked.
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I should be getting ready for work right about now, but I am still lolling in bed w/ the laptop and a cup of coffee. If I didn't have a project meeting this morning (I'm project lead, so can't exactly skip) I would be very tempted to call in 'sick'.

I had a good workout last night--three sets of ten squats at 75lb each. Woo! Also, the prone jackknifes that caused me so much trouble when I went through this program the first time are much easier. I can crank out full sets at a decent speed, although I still tend to fall off the swiss ball rather than dismount.

I can now really see the results of the workouts in my hips and butt. It's not that they're that much smaller, it's more that things are distributed differently. I really do need to get going in a few, but I've got a few thoughts that need to get out at some point soon on how the weight training has affected the whole Body Image Demons thing.
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I'll spare you all the story of how I finally got diagnosed, but to make a long story short, last year I learned that I have fibromyalgia. It is only occasionally debilitating (i.e. I cannot do anything but sit in bed and doze), but it can impair performance at work and my general daily functioning. Sometimes, it can just be a minor annoyance. The important thing is, I now know what's been causing me misery for a number of years, and I now have some idea of how to manage it to keep it from affecting my life too often.

In short, I still get flareups, but not as frequently as I used to, and when they start, I can sometimes take measures to make them not as bad as they could be. I already knew that adequate sleep and trying to minimize stress (ha, ha, ha, right...) were helpful. So was getting regular exercise. In fact, the worst flareups of my life happened after a foot injury sidelined me for a few months.

After getting diagnosed, I did find that some of my coping strategies were in fact recommended by experts as ways to deal with fibro. Adequate sleep, dietary changes, stress management, etc. Oh, yeah--regular exercise is also critical, even on days when I feel like I've been beaten with wet ropes.

More on my own experience with exercise and fibro )

Am I alone in finding that heavy lifting can be beneficial for managing fibro symptoms? Or have other people had similar results? Conversely, has anyone found that an intense resistance training session only makes things worse? Anyone else subject to similar cynicism on the conventional advice?

Given that fibromyalgia is still enough of an unknown that there's even some doubt that it exists, I would have to think that the jury is still out on what makes it better or worse.

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?
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This week is an off week from gym stuff so I can let the joints, connective tissue, etc. have time to recover after what I've been putting them through. Also, the next phase of this workout plan looks like it will be pretty intense, so I'll need to go into it fresh. The goal of this stage is to get me to where I can do an unassisted pullup. We'll see...

Job stuff--more of the same, but with signs of improvement. )

Yesterday, I was able to dig into the original fiction project that's been circling around in my head for a few years now. For some reason, the main character's voice finally gelled in my head and I was able to get the opening scene out of my head and into words.

One thing I need to be careful about is psyching myself out at this point with thoughts about the number of characters who are clamoring to be p.o.v. characters, and the ages of those characters. Some of them are in their early teens, others are in their late 30s/early 40s. It's an odd mix, that's for certain.
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It was a long week, and I skived out of work a little early. I felt perfectly justified in doing so, as I've been putting in 10-hour days and will be working on work stuff tomorrow.

I had a good workout tonight - I'm on Phase 4 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women program, and I'm definitely seeing some strength gains. I almost didn't go tonight, figuring I'd go tomorrow (I'd worked out on Wednesday), but I had the beginnings of a fibro flareup, and a good workout can often keep those from getting too bad. Glad I went, though. I could really feel things working in my butt and hamstrings on the deadlifts, and I'm getting to full depth on the Bulgarian split squats now.

Also, there may have been a wee bit of flirting. Reciprocal flirting.


Tomorrow, I'm going to have breakfast with my stepdad, and then I'm going to put in a few hours at work to try to get a project finished. After that, I'm gonna do nothing but knit, write, watch Doctor Who, and otherwise be a lazy slug.

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