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I'm back from a wonderful, wonderful vacation up in Martha's Vineyard. It was a true vacation, where more time was spent lounging about than actually doing anything. My best friend L and I spent much of our time on the back porch with our feet propped up as we alternately knit, read, and simply watched the Vineyard Haven ferry lumber in and out of port. We had rain for the first couple of days, but after that, things were gloriously crisp and clear. Even though it was early August, there was a slight taste of fall in the air.

We didn't spend all of our time lazing about. One nice thing about being familiar with the place is that there was less pressure to do anything. We did go see Captain America at the local theater, which was an experience in and of itself, given that the theater dates back to the 1920s and is incredibly shabby in an entertaining way. Also, the projection equipment is antiquated, and we had all sorts of mishaps with the focus and we had a bit of a mishap when they had to switch from reel 1 to reel 2. Somehow, it managed to enhance the old-fashioned feel of the movie itself (which I loved). We also went digging for quahogs. This involved wading out waist-deep into the water with rakes and a wire basket that had been jammed into a styrofoam floaty ring. We managed to get enough to make a bunch of chowder (delicious).

Speaking of food, other than one lunch and one breakfast out, we ate entirely at the house, which ended up being cheaper and tastier (nothing beats a homemade lobster roll) than eating out. Plus, eating lobster while in one's jammies? Unbelievably decadent.

Other activities included a little bit of shopping, exploring Edgartown (lovely, and moreso if you take the bus in and don't have to deal with the hellish parking), walking out to the one lighthouse we hadn't visited yet, and playing Quiddler with Mom (she beat us handily). All in all, a fabulous vacation. I could have used another three weeks of that.

In terms of reading, the majority of what I read was cofax's Carpetbaggers, a novel-length Narnia fic set after the Pevensies are crowned as kings and queens. If you have any interest in Narnia fic and have not yet read this, GO READ IT NOW. I mean it. The story goes into the hard reality of what state Narnia would have been in after the Witch was defeated, and the troubles four children (and they are believably written as children) would have faced as they tried to sort things out. Even while delving into realpolitik, the story still very much has the feel of Lewis's writing, so much so that it slots very neatly into my notion of Narnia canon.
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So far, today has been a day of much slounging about, other than making and consuming lobster rolls. In my six days here, I have read four novels, which is about the same number as I have read in the past six months. It's appalling, how much work has eaten my brain.

I've also done some writing, making serious headway on a Bleach fic that is eating my brain and (insert shameless pimpage) a Supernatural fic for [profile] springkink. The first part of the title--Five People Dean Has Screwed Who Weren't Human, One Who Doesn't Count, One He Would Have Screwed, and One He Still Might is pretty much straight from the prompt. I'm not sure I'm keen on the title, despite its goofiness, because the story isn't all that fluffy (please, please heed the warnings in the header).

This afternoon, BFF and I may go see Despicable Me. Or, we may not. I have yet another book to read (The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie), and L is plowing through the Harry Dresden books at alarming speed.

My mom's unexpected continued presence at the vacation house (announced just one week prior to our coming here) rather than return home while BFF and I are here has actually been a lot of fun.

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