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Glad I stayed home today, not just because of the roads but because I feel like warmed-over crap. It's to the point where I'm wondering if this is not just another fibro flareup but the start of me coming down with something. I have almost zero energy, and I've been napping off and on all day, alternating with whittling away at some work projects. Either way, not fun, and when I'm not feeling well, my anxiety/impostor syndrome issues can tend to run amok.

One nice thing about staying home, though, is that I can pootle about on DW and LJ and get down some recent thoughts about SPN.

I've been enjoying this season so far because, well, Show! I love Show! I don't always like it, or some of the things it does, but I'm very much invested in the story and in the characters, and it will take a lot to shake that.

A few specific WTF moments aside, I think my only real issue with this season are the number of balls that are up in the air. Sam's soul. The civil war in Heaven. Samuel and the Campbell clan in general. Lisa and Ben. Purgatory. Monsters running rampant. Etc. Even though I liked the character, I'm kind of relieved that Crowley is gone. There has been just too much going on, and I'm afraid that will lead to hurried or unsatisfactory resolution to some plotlines.

The whole issue of Soulless!Sam doesn't have me 100% squeeful, but it does have me intrigued and worried (worried in the good sense, in that I'm worried about what the fallout for the characters will be). JP rocked the portrayal, IMO, making Soulless!Sam fascinating and frightening to watch (and occasionally funny as hell). I'll also be interested to see how that plays out once we get into the second big arc for the season, namely, what's up with all the souls? Why are they so important that you've got players as diverse as Balthazar and Crowley sniffing after them? Is the real importance of Purgatory the number of souls that are there, ripe for the taking?

I'm also very, very interested by the interest Death is taking in the matter and the way he maneuvered Dean into doing the detective work regarding the souls. I very much got the idea that by taking the ring off when he did, Dean proved to Death yet again (as he did at the end of S5) that when it came to maintaining/restoring order, he would put Sam's safety very much second to that. I also have the feeling that because of that order, Death cannot intervene or investigate directly. Hence, making use of the Winchester brothers.

The more I think about it, the more the boys seem like the ideal people for Death to use for this job. As Death pointed out, their repeated deaths/resurrections make them an anomaly, and put them outside the natural order of things. As exceptions to the natural order, they can probably go poking around in ways that entities bound by order (Death) cannot.

One thing that occured to me after watching the episode is that the boys' abnormal existence didn't start with Faith (for Dean) or AHBL (for Sam). It started before they were born. Azazel killed John. Technically, the boys should never have existed. I could see that as being a very good explanation for why they seem to be able to wriggle free of destiny's grip as well as death's.


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