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I managed to pick up three Big Bangs to work on this year, and the first one went up Monday! I had the privilege of working on a story by [personal profile] twisted_slinky for the Supernatural crossover Big Bang.

She wrote a wonderful SPN/TW crossover. It's a solid case fic that blends the two series wonderfully. It's set after the S2 finale of TW and in S8 of SPN.

Fic is here: Of Wolf and Man

My art post is here, or if you want to jump straight to the art, it's beneath the cut.

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I participated in the first Supernatural Artist Swap, in which participants submitted a rough sketch that was then assigned randomly to another participant. Each artist then had a week to do a picture based on (in one fashion or another) the original sketch.

This round's theme was "road trip," and I love the range of interpretations of the theme.

It was a huge amount of fun, even though I'm feeling a bit self-conscious about throwing my hat into such a ring of talent.

Here is my final sketch:

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The picture was done with Sakura Microns and pan pastels on rough-textured paper.

My initial sketch was extremely rough, as I was mostly blocking out composition/value/color and not a lot of detail. The final sketch that was done based on it is utterly amazing, though.
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2012 SPN J2 Big Bang has been achieved!

I was lucky enough to get [personal profile] bellatemple's Films About Ghosts as my story. Not kidding about the lucky part - the person whose claim comment came in six seconds after mine had it listed as their first choice as well, so if my phone had been any laggier in posting... You get the idea. Also, the author was an utter delight to work with, from start to finish.

As for the story itself, it is utterly fantastic, with all the twistiness, darkness, trippiness, and angst one would expect from a trip through a Winchester's subconscious. It's gen, with some excellent Dean-Cas friendship and heartbreaking (and heartwarming) appearances from a lot of well-loved and sorely missed characters. I strongly, strongly recommend it.

( Go here for the art! )
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I think I killed my 5B pencil doing this one. Next time, I'm breaking out the india ink pens again.
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I've compiled my responses to the "5 True Things about Fictional Character X" meme from both DW and LJ. I received an interesting array of requests--lots of minor characters, including some fascinating ones who aren't always popular with fandom (I sometimes feel like one of the few people who likes Sally Donovan).

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Bleach: Tousen )

Discworld: Angua, The Luggage )

Firefly: Kaylee, YoSaffBridge )

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Glad I stayed home today, not just because of the roads but because I feel like warmed-over crap. It's to the point where I'm wondering if this is not just another fibro flareup but the start of me coming down with something. I have almost zero energy, and I've been napping off and on all day, alternating with whittling away at some work projects. Either way, not fun, and when I'm not feeling well, my anxiety/impostor syndrome issues can tend to run amok.

One nice thing about staying home, though, is that I can pootle about on DW and LJ and get down some recent thoughts about SPN.

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When the Badger Grows Horns is a delightful AU that was written for the Racebending Revenge challenge.

I'm not sure what exactly in the summary or author's notes caught my attention, but I was curious enough to take a peek and wound up reading the entire 25,000 words in one sitting last night. The story is a straightforward enough retelling of John's life from Vietnam, but the AU twist here is that he is a member of the Diné (Navaho) nation. Some of the changes that result are subtle, others are profound, but it all feels very unforced, even when key events are arrived at via different paths than were taken in canon, or a close parallel to canon events is introduced (the tweak regarding Dean's refusal to speak after Mary's death is particularly well done).

The John in this is wonderful, as is Mary, and I love how the most significant changes in this AU were not Big!Canon!Events! but rather shifts in key canon relationships. It's good stuff, and there's part of me that wishes that we'd gotten this 'verse as canon.

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